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Favourite Klaroline looks

What kind of man would I be if I didn’t try to find my Katerina beneath this Katherine façade?

Elena Gilbert ‘American Gothic’

Jeremy is dead ....

“Jeremy’s dead.”


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I find it beautiful that the writers decided to parallel Elena’s reaction to Vicki’s death and Matt’s reaction to Jeremy’s.

In season 1 Elena had just found out about vampirism and then Vicki dies right in front of her.  She witnesses one of her childhood sweetheart’s sister die and then on top of that she has to lie to his face about it.  She breaks down because she can’t handle the thought let alone the reality of Matt, Jeremy, and herself losing one more person and they just did. Elena waits until she is alone in the car to break down because she won’t let anyone else see her like this. She has to be strong for her friends.

Now here we are 74 episodes later. Matt has lost so many people. He has watched Elena now lose 7 people that were a part of her little family. One of his best friends left town without saying goodbye and now his other best friend is lying lifeless in a house that is burning down. On top of that Elena is now going through what Matt went through a few seasons ago and he loses it. Matt waits until he is alone in the car to break down because he won’t let anyone else see him like this. He has to be strong for his friends.

This isn’t how their lives were supposed to be.

Claire Holt and Nina Dobrev pics.